dbiFour dung beetle packages are available. The number of beetles in a colony depends on the beetle size. Small beetles – 500 (binodis, taurus), medium sized – 400 (bison, alexis), large – 300 (hispanus, spiniger)

See our Terms and Conditions. Please complete the Order Form below, otherwise download a pdf Order Form here.

Fielday Special. 20% discount*

*50% deposit required by 20th July 2017. Delivery summer 2017/18

We have four packages:

  1. Whole Farm Package. $6,000 4,800 + GST.
    4 species in 4 colonies. 4 species will provide coverage for most of the year.
  2. Two Whole Farm Packages. $10,000 8,000 + GST.
    4 species in 8 colonies.
  3. Two Species Package. $3,000 2,400+ GST.
  4. Starter Package. $2,000 1,600 + GST.
    1 species.

For the small block owners we recommend that if possible organising neighbouring land owners and collectively buying one of the packages. Beetles do not respect property boundaries and having a larger area with more stock will increase the chances and speed of establishment. Biologically beetles want to fly the shortest distance possible to the next dung pat. If there is lots of dung near by they will have no reason to leave.

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